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03-25-2010, 08:28 PM
I just got an email advertisement for a free to play weekend starting this Friday. However, since I never gave a crap about the game I don't know what the hook is. It looks like CoH/V. Whats different? Does it suffer Crypic's multi-game design flaw of having players doing the same boring missions over and over and over and...?

Would it fun for a weekend?

Thanks for the info.

03-26-2010, 09:27 AM
Yeah it would be fun for a weekend. One of the best things about it is that you get to pick and choose your powers which is awesome but, you can easily gimp yourself. It is a quest grinding game tho. The missions have decent story arcs. It follows Cryptic's method of everything being instanced. If you are not in an instance quest, the zones are instanced as well (about 100 people in a zone before it spawns another instance of it). The game is fun for awhile but gets boring after too much time spent on it. It would be a fun deviation for a weekend. I played it for about 3 months (2 months being beta) before getting burned out on it.

I played CoH/V and I think CO is a better Super Hero MMO.

03-26-2010, 02:49 PM
I thought it was free to play forever in the newbie/starter zone or something like that. If you want a more action style MMO it's worth messing around with for a little while. There wasn't enough content in beta and I hit the high levels fairly fast, so didn't play past that.

03-29-2010, 03:34 PM
The tutorial is really odd... some places say it's F2P with unlimited time, but a level cap of 15. I got a character to 7 or 8 (extremely easy, tutorial + 2 missions or so) and then it allowed me to skip the tutorial and make a character straight off into a training room type area where you could test out powers, fly around a little obstacle course, very cool setup for making new toons. But when I finally decided on one and did all the side stuff in the tutorial (assuming I'd head for lv15 with it) it suddenly wouldn't let me leave the tutorial any more and gave me a buy-the-game prompt.

The Good:
It is much, MUCH, more fun then city of heroes though and it's on sale at a bargain basement 19.99 so I think I'll get it. They solved all the energy and game speed issues in one shot with the first power pick you take at the character creation screen. It becomes your auto attack, and that auto attack builds up energy when you do damage (or heal) with it. Then you've got a few styles of powers. Basic click powers. Charge-up powers. Toggles, as well as 'maintained' powers that must be held down, such as using a machine gun. You hold the machine gun power down and your character busts it out (small initial cost) and starts shooting (cost ever 0.5 seconds) until you let go or run out of energy.

There's also a nice spammable button (Z by default) for doing all default actions. Loot Nearest -> Loot All, talk to an NPC, pick up an object...

Oh yeah and you can pick stuff up. Everything you can pick up is categorized as a certain weight class and your strength stat determines the maximum weight class you can lift. In the tutorial with a starting character of max strength I could pick up fruit stand carts and man-sized rocks, but not cars. A few items with +strength had me throwing police cars like a pro. :)

You can break free of holds by hitting the spam key (Z) depending on some stats you have. One stat helps tangible holds, another helps mental/magical ones.

The Bad:
Throwing stuff, especially heavier stuff, at enemies does tremendous damage... but the act of picking up something heavy can be interrupted by taking damage. This makes it hard to go incredible hulk and toss something at a flying enemy once it's begun attacking you.

There is no previewing weapons in the character creation screen. It gives you a few options for what ever you picked that needs weapons, and you can set four color nodes, but I had to look up a chart on their wiki to see what the color nodes colored and what the weapons looked like. I find this rather retarded, honestly.

Stat system is VASTLY over complicated. Ten or so stats, and for example there are three stats for managing your energy, but your auto attack you're shooting constantly refills your whole bar in seconds... Pet health and damage are attached rather randomly to stats that affect other things. But get this. When you pick a stat to specialize in, it automatically buffs your damage through that stat, regardless of what stat you picked... wtf? It seems like stats were a complete afterthought in development, or implemented very late. It should all just be one menu screen of check boxes... pick X things you're good at... knock back, physical damage, pet damage... etc, and they could remove 90% of the games stat bullshit.

You can only use one passive skill at a time. Yeah... and it doesn't even warn you before you puchase the second one. It just shows up and has to be drag/dropped into the passive slot. This is pretty game breaking IMO because it forces you to pick between significant boosts to defense and offense.

Same aesthetic problem as city of heroes. Your weapons disappear from your hands after a few seconds, and you pull them from thin air. Made even worse by the myriad of static weapon powers. Auto attacking with one sword, use a power armor beam sword and it replaces the sword in your hand for one swing, then fire a shotgun and you bust out a shotgun... munition's set has like six or seven gun types and they all just vanish as you pull them and use them. Looks very awkward. Some items like swords and guns can be customized, but other items like an experimental blaster can not. It just always pulls that same laser pistol.

The Ugly:
Some of the travel powers are retarded. Swinging like spider man is clumsy and stupid, and doesn't really even do anything well. Tunneling under ground will go up stairs and ramps even when they're paper thin. Teleportation is just a short burst of flight as a little plasma ball, you don't actually warp. Then all of the others are just flight in different poses. Rocket Boots are novel, though not particularly useful compared to flight.

The character creator only gives you one option per power set for your second power choice, however, you actually have 3+ options for that second power in the power pool that your auto attack comes from because it has you meet the requirement of 'one power from the pool', but to respec you must pay in-game money to undo every power choice all the way back to where you want to respec to. This basically means the tutorial is NEVER optional. You must do it to get money to respec that first power to something better so you don't waste a slot, or else you've got to take a third power, stat focus, and travel power to help get money in the wide open entry area after the tutorial, then respec all four at cost.