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03-01-2013, 06:43 AM
I got lucky and somehow got free slug ammo for the NC one so I really got to test it thoroughly. With regular ammo it one shot kills people at point blank (all pellets connect), and slugs will kill in one head shot within a room or down a hallway. Excellent anti-sniper weapon. It's hard to state exact ranges but I was consistently one-shotting infiltrators with slug headshots at ranges that surprised me. I'm assuming it's damage per pellet is the highest of the three factions, but I did not shoot at players hardly at all with the other two so I can't be sure. It's definitely better than the Nova or Sweeper though.

The VS disappointed me -again- with a bland already-done design. The new shotguns load shells individually and the single shot batteries look small and silly IMO. I dumped four full ammo loads of it trying it out in the sanctuary, and shotgun's spread seemed surprisingly wide and short on most of the shots. Not sure if that was just my luck or if it's intentional, but if that pattern holds it's easily the worst weapon in the game unless it's damage per pellet is really OP.

I tried TR the least since I'm very happy with their SMG but it fired noticeably faster than the VS and NC, so I fear it probably doesn't one shot at point blank, or maybe the spread is wider so 'point blank' where all hits are guaranteed is a shorter distance.

Using the NC one as a light assault was the most fun I've ever had in this game hands down. I would spawn with regular ammo and fight up close one or two shot people then when things were more calm and I was trying to flank, move up, or counter snipers I would go to slugs and a 3.4x red dot. Got lots of one hit head shot kills across rooftops and down from rooftops to walkways. or up towards rocks. With the new spotting restrictions there are a lot less triangles to aim at, so I felt like 3.4x was overkill and I wanted my view back for scanning for targets. I got the 2x reflex and I'll probably stick with that from now on regardless of ammo choice.

Relative to other weapons, it feels very OP one shotting people in doorways and getting two shot kills in small rooms, but at the same time I think the game really needed it. Carbine and LMG fights at super close range always felt sloppy to me, and too many players were running around with carbines and LMG's spraying thirty rounds at a time. It was also a balance nightmare watching people argue TTK differences while ignoring human reaction time. The new SMG's give them a weapon meant for that kind of run and gun tactic to compare to (and a close range weapon for infiltrators), and the pump shotgun gives them something to fear and an option to specialize in that range.

I'm not sure I can justify the slugs for the pump though. They seem REALLY good. Easily OP. I have personally always preferred the single shot battle rifle style for firefights and mid range though so it's really not surprising I do better with this platform compared to carbines and LMG's. I'll have let other people make that call.

All I can say beyond that is that it's really just one more nail in the battle rifle's coffin. No reason to ever pull that out now unless it gets buffed pretty hard.

03-02-2013, 07:25 PM
Good vid. My NC version definitely fires slower and has better damage, -edit- but as I watch it again the TR actually looks like it has BETTER spread than mine... but I'm not at home to compare directly right now. Lower damage will make it less forgiving but also more effective when used the way he describes.

This is how KGB and I used to play Counter-Strike with the pump.
Force things to your range and don't leave line of sight open.

I don't think he gives slugs enough credit though. If you're placing your shots you can do the same kind of thing at short-medium range. It's probably even EASIER with a little more range available. But he's trying to use it like a carbine and leave line of sight open while he fires over and over as his scope goes nutts between the recoil and pump action. Step out, fire, duck, step out, fire, dead enemy, and your shields are still up. The slugs also do enough damage that at close range you can shoot and knife strike for an instant kill.

So far I have had no problem defeating two people at the same time this way without reloading and with only 5 in the tube. IMO this is a good weapon for the flashlight. Even if you've never played, you can see in this vid just how dark it gets and how well players camo against the walls in installations they own with similar color schemes and lights to their armor. Apparently they don't believe in ceiling lights in the future... so if you have the presence of mind to flip it off and on and not give yourself away when you don't want to, I would definitely go flashlight over the extended mag.

An extended mag is also really over-rated when you can reload individual shells. In this vid (and other new vids) of the new pumps you'll see people use up two or three rounds, then run around not shooting or duck behind cover. During this time, you should hit the reload key and stick that one or two shells back in! If you have presence of mind to do this I don't think anyone will reasonably need the extended mag for a pump. I would only take the extended mag if it were daylight and I didn't need the laser.

To be fair though, I can fall back on the NC's Rebel pistol which is a lot of damage per bullet for finishing people off, and very accurate for if someone manages to get out of my ideal range. Maybe you'd want the extended mag on TR.


03-05-2013, 08:05 AM
https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/lv?key=0AuOojvNLMApVdEtIU1NKenEzNzZOSWNaanFqSUVxLW c&type=view&gid=12&f=true&colid0=17&filterstr0=SHOTGUN%2C%20PUMP&sortcolid=-1&sortasc=true&rowsperpage=250

According to the stats, they all have the same fire rate and damage... I trialed the TR one again and it definitely seems much faster. I bought the VS one for my heavy because I've gotten used to it in close quarters, and that one also feels slower than TR to me... but the stats say they're the same. Take that as you will.

Just wanted to post that correction.
Stats > My impression of damage and speed.

03-05-2013, 11:29 AM
I'm downloading this game right now. Been in the mood to play something first person shooter on the PC for a few days now.

03-05-2013, 06:13 PM
You have probably chosen already, but my VS and TR are on Waterson, and my NC is on Mattherson. Veekz, VKhaunVex, and VKhaun respectively.

My only request is that you please shoot at MAX suits. Regular guns fuck them up really fast but no one shoots at them. As soon as one walks into the room everyone scatters like cockroaches or stops shooting to switch to a rocket launcher. There's no need for all that, and the rocket launcher may do more in one shot but it won't touch the DPS of a rifle. SHOOT AT THEM.

My only tip is that the SMG is the best buy on the list now. It's easy to use, works fine, works AMAZING if you can get headshots, comes with every attachment you could ever want, and it's usable by every class so if you get a silencer... every class now has an SMG w/silencer. I suggest the larger ammo capacity version for all factions. Don't forget to lead a bit at medium distances, and if you want a silencer get that ASAP because it will affect bullet velocity which will effect getting used to those lead distances (they will be slightly longer).

Alex Mars
03-05-2013, 08:11 PM
Do they still have the rocklet rifle? I got some good kills in PS1 with those. Are there still infiltrators? I used to love to camp invisible on top of the cap console in bases and zip someone open with that chainsaw knife.

03-05-2013, 09:18 PM
Do they still have the rocklet rifle? I got some good kills in PS1 with those. Are there still infiltrators? I used to love to camp invisible on top of the cap console in bases and zip someone open with that chainsaw knife.

Nothing from special assault is in the game yet, which is a shame because the game could really use a thumper sometimes and the rocklet was badass.

Infiltrators are broken. Technically they're a class option, but the cloak is really terrible. It's easy to see cloaky people, especially if there's a light source behind them; it makes a loud noise when you cloak or decloak; and it's on a fuel bar that drains quickly. They get sniper rifles though, and the cloak works fine out at sniper range like a camo suit type deal, but they can't fire while cloaked so the most you can do is cloak behind cover, step out, aim, uncloak and fire at the same time, then duck back behind cover. If you want to play stealth you're much better off as the jet pack light assault class. The jet pack is actually QUIETER THAN THE CLOAK TURNING ON... -.-

03-06-2013, 02:34 PM
At least the original is finally going to go f2p. Pops are apparently ridiculously low at the moment, for obvious reasons. Low as in like 20 people online tops at peak.

Hopefully free 2 play brings people back to PS1. PS1 is just so ridiculously better of a game.

03-06-2013, 03:31 PM
Fucking terrible. I've got the graphics set to about as low as they can go and it slide shows on a regular basis. Seems like nothing but vehicular warfare from what I can tell. It's just disorganized and chaotic and completely terrible....so far. I will try it some more later but I definitely don't have any hopes whatsoever for it at this point lol.

03-06-2013, 06:32 PM
The graphics are pretty decent on my computer, but like most others I played for a while and found it lacking.

03-06-2013, 07:32 PM
They're not very good at managing the mob mentality of a large game. Vehicles and Aircraft often end up VERY one sided, but the devs and everyone on the forums just tells you to go get tanks and aircraft at another base, or cap a base that will let you spawn vehicles at that base where it's one sided... I used to be one of the people saying that... but it clearly doesn't work. If I do that I'm the only one rolling up in one vehicle for my side and I get owned. Everyone just spawns at the nearest point and expects a balanced fight. Engineers repair them so quickly and the range on their weapons is so long, it's very hard to actually take one out of the battle if it's played right and your allies aren't focus firing any particular one of them.

The same happens with the spawn sheds. You'll get fifty people on your team sitting in the spawn shed having a fire fight with the enemies in the next building... but in that building they've capped the point and you can't uncap it by winning a fire fight. It's just a bunch of medics in there rezzing everyone that gets shot and engineers giving everyone ammo to keep shooting. They may as well just park two spawn sheds next to eachother and say HAVE AT IT.

They are getting better though. The spawn sheds used to have just a few doors and no roof area (or a roof exit that put you on a wide open roof with no cover) and you'd end up with all the doors camped by vehicles. That's suicide now. Even for the zerg, there's so much cover that driving a vehicle near an active spawn shed is pretty suicidal. AA was also buffed and libs nerfed, so you don't see two libs dominating a hundred people anymore.

I wish they'd put in an XP bonus for leaving the spawn shed. Like when you're a 'fresh spawn' and you're only worth like 25xp... you yourself should get a bonus if you get kills during that time. That way people would be willing to run out and try to get that early kill, not caring if they die because they could just go do it again. That's how you push out from spawn, aggression.

Alex Mars
03-06-2013, 07:51 PM
Somehow, one would think with having run PS1 all those years they would have a better grasp on what will happen in the new version.

03-06-2013, 09:47 PM
Somehow, one would think with having run PS1 all those years they would have a better grasp on what will happen in the new version.

I agree... but I still have hope because they are CAPABLE of changing things. The spawn shed changes were dramatic, but they were able to alter the structure of all spawn sheds across three continents in one patch. Clearly they have some good tools for changing the map. In another patch they altered the angle of the guns on an aircraft (the new Liberator bomber). I think things will continue to improve, and I have no problem moving around and going to a different fight.

For Silly:
If you want good fights, look for an area on the map that you can deploy to with an enemy color, but your team has a larger population. That's where your side is on the offensive, and you have a lot more breathing room behind an advancing line. Also, an HSNV optic for your weapon will take a lot of the uncertainty out of night fighting. Highly recommend a .75 move speed carbine, .75 move speed AR, or SMG (they're all .75) with an HSNV when it gets really dark. HSNV also sees through smoke. I spent an hour earlier just being a whore on my TR medic with the T1S assault rifle, dropping smoke then firing through it with HSNV+Silencer+High Velocity ammo.

03-07-2013, 03:09 AM
Somehow, one would think with having run PS1 all those years they would have a better grasp on what will happen in the new version.

Aside from the art director, I'm not sure there was anyone working on PS2 who came from PS1. I can't speak for the current state of the game because I have yet to play it (just a couple of components left until I can start building my new baby), but the development was a cluster-fuck. You could tell they had no better idea of how to build an MMOFPS than any other company out there. They were clearly not Planetside players and they pretty much seemed to be trying to make Battlefield 3 with some Planetside elements/mechanics.

Maybe one day it'll be in a shape to constitute a Planetside sequel, but I'm already hearing of low populations and server merges.

03-07-2013, 08:38 AM
I was getting frustrated with the game letting me die behind cover a lot last night. I never tried ducking in and out of cover between shots before I had the pump so I have no idea if this is an old issue or a new one with the server merges, but it's damned annoying and clearly lag related. I step out, fire, and step back behind cover. I am good at it and very quick, and I don't usually get hit at all on the first attack, but as soon as I go for a second shot I step, fire, step... and continue to take hits behind cover.

On the bright side, the pump seems to really screw up anyone in a MAX suit. I am constantly flying up and point blank shotting MAX suits and being surprised when I get a kill. It doesn't one shot them, but it does enough that it kills players who are damaged but still confidently moving forward. I think I three shot killed one from full HP earlier but I couldn't find anyone to test with me at the sanc in the early AM to make sure.

NOPE Ambushed a Burster MAX from behind and got four in him. He ran away like a scared little girl and I got sniped going after him, but he was not dead. A full mag of 5 would probably do it, and I would imagine that 7 is a given even if a few pellets miss.

03-08-2013, 11:15 PM
So much hate mail yesterday.

Everyone is so used to a game with no CQC that they have convinced themselves their LMG's, AR's, and Carbines ARE CQC weapons, and they get sooooo mad when you SMG them across a room from the hip and while moving, or fly up point blank from behind and shotgun them in the ass. All they see is themselves dying fast so it's 'OP'. They never consider that they went into a tiny building with a weapon that can't hip fire worth a fart, moves at half speed aiming down the sights, and then got shot from behind anyway.

Medics especially are used to being able to play like it's TF2 and then just run like a bitch whenever anyone shoots at them, hoping their team will save them. Landing next to them and WHAM dropping them in one hit is... {Jack Donaghy} very satisfying. {/Jack Donaghy}.

I jumped off a roof into the midst of a group supporting each other, fired five pump shotgun rounds and killed four people, then had a messy 1v1 fight reloading and firing. The shotgun won't fire instantly while reloading. It queues up a shot then fires after the next shell is inserted and it screws up my timing. Same thing if you fire while sprinting, it queues up a shot that goes off after you slow down a few steps later, plus we were sliding downhill.

The second medic I killed in the messy fight was maaaaaad. Pretty sure killing both of the medics (and killing a spawn beacon on the roof now that I think about it...) shut down a squad with no where nearby to spawn. He called the pump a 'P2Win toy' and said I was bad for missing him a few times. I don't feel OP though because the engineer had his ammo box out, the medics both had heal tools out, the heavies were looking the other way, and I killed their light assault with him facing me IN THE AIR while I was on the roof, and they didn't turn around or look up when he died. That is a CQC player's dream, and they deserve their loss.

I also camped a spawn shed roof with the SMG head shotting people who popped up, like a whore. I camped an outpost that some squad wanted as a stealther with the SMG, hiding until they left, then recaping it. They would send a medic and one or two other guys, and I'd kill all three of them from behind like a whore. Smoke grenade + HSNV whoring on my TR medic. Proximity mines in good places like a whore, which I replaced and then hid so people came back thinking it was clear... like a whore...

Good times.

Again, meant to screen shot the hate mails, but my folder was empty when I went and looked. Not sure what I'm doing wrong. I looked up the keys for it and I know I hit the right buttons. Going to break down and buy a frapps key when I get home, I think.