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04-29-2013, 07:13 PM
Whats the story guys?

New revamped pvp-centric MMO. How come you "OMG MORDR3D" d00dz aren't all over this shit?

Or you sandboxers? It is a sandbox, right?

04-29-2013, 09:44 PM
On release day I started to create a news post for it and realized I wasn't recommending it and not many other people here really want full-loot/classless/sandboxy PvP games... so I just didn't.

I've followed Darkfall since 2008, 2 years before DFO was released in North America. The devs, a Greek company named Aventurine SA (referred to as AV), already had a bad reputation for poor communication, broken promises, and outright lies after DFO's release, but the game was such a refreshing change and had enough fun elements that I played and enjoyed my 3-4 months there, like many others. I left DFO because AV's already bad reputation in DFO's development carried into the release of patches and expansions. They promised things they never delivered. Servers up and down for changes without notice. Missing or incomplete and vague patch notes were the norm. Deadlines missed more often than not.

The story behind DFUW begins as an update to DFO. The "siege update" started it, it was a constant promise that kept getting pushed back of new city combat. Then it was a graphics overhaul. Then it was new ships. The list went on, little of it manifested, none of it on time. Eventually they said it would have to be an expansion, it was too big to patch in. Long periods of no news, then they say it's gonna be Darkfall 2.0 - it'd be easier to remake the game with everything we've learned! They promised returning DFO players to not have to buy the client. This was true during the pre-order, you could pay 14.95 for a one month subscription, secure a spot in beta, and on release have 30 days game time. That period lasted 5 months. On release day, they removed any "returning player" benefit of any kind. I followed the forums loosely during the beta - the beta was a ghost town leading up to launch, NOT a good sign especially for a sandbox - if the game was fun, it'd be played. DFO was played incessantly through the end of betas regardless of impending wipes.

Main complaints in general are it's still a beta. Unfinished. There are now 4 classes (called "roles", 2 of which are unfinished reportedly) in the game that used to have none. Shitty UI - AGAIN, and even worse than DFO (which was bad). Simplified combat. Balance issues between the roles. Although AV has gotten better with communication, they don't ignore the user base and keep quiet as much anymore - but, they're still just as wildly optimistic with big ideas and have already broken promises. More of the same.

Main good things in DFUW: more vibrant world, the new "prowess" system basically eliminates the ability to AFK-macro up your skills (which was a major problem in DFO). I think that's about it. Oh! Actually one really cool thing, the Unholy Ban Hammer (http://www.unholybanhammer.com/BH/) website. They publicly announce all bans specific to the player's name and clan. Cheaters and exploiters are called out! I like that.

Bottom line: only for the strictest of Darkfall fans at this point, seems like a lesser game from what I can tell, and now that the returning player discount that they promised for the length of the game was removed, I won't be purchasing the product. Oh, and they took down DFO entirely to maintain this game instead, so you can't even play the old one if you wanted to. I'll keep my eye on it, maybe if AV delivers on finishing the game, working on balance, and has some promising feedback I'll give it a go when it's patched up - but based on their reputation and the soured playerbase... we'll see how Darkfall 3 turns out. :)