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  1. I shall necro your wall in hopes to rekindle our relationship!
  2. Dear Sir and/or Madam

    I begrudgingly accept your friend request, but do not think it is due ij any part because of loneliness. Also do not think it made me even the slightest bit jolly to see said request in my inbox.

    In response to you "Norska has no friends" comment, I have decided to have the most friends in Catacombs history. Just you watch. I'll have a friend count of like 5.

    In closing, I would still like to clap dem cheekziz.
  3. "Norska has not made any friends yet"

    Poor ting!
  4. <3

    The pictures

    Not Andile

    No </3 for the orange
  5. don't tempt me to click that little report box and tell the admins you molest land sharks


    is there a land shark molestation achievement?
  6. Wow, this is like a wall-to-wall conversation on Facebook.

    Can we get an achievement for finding this website feature?
  7. i hate you and your post count!
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