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  1. DAOC NEWS: Sign up to Newsletter today!

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    Re: DAoC NEWS: Grab Bag Returns

    Friday Grab Bag - 02/24/17

    The Grab Bag doth return!

    Below we have 5 questions collected from the community by our Knights to get us started. If you want to send in your questions for a future...
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    DAoC NEWS: Grab Bag Returns

    Friday Grab Bag - 03/10/2017

    Thanks to everyone who sent in questions, keep 'em coming! You can send in your questions through our Grab Bag submission form.

    Will we see additional PVE...
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    DAoC NEWS: St. Patrick's Day Event

    St. Patrick's Day Event 🍀🍀🍀🍀

    In celebration of St. Patrick's Day and running from now until Monday, March 20th, our second annual 'Leprechaun Treasure' quest is now live!

    We hear the real...
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    DAoC NEW CAMOPAIGN: A Dragon's Curse

    Our new PvE campaign, A Dragon's Curse, started yesterday with the prologue! A calendar of chapter release dates is below.
    Clud, Keshiram, and Ingolf await!
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    DAoC News: Twelve Days of Midwinter

    Twelve Days of Midwinter!

    The 21st of December is here which means that Midwinter is truly upon us. Celebrate the holiday spirit with our Twelve Days of Midwinter give-a-way event!

    Login to the...
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    DAoC News: Midwinter Returns to Camelot

    The Frozen Caverns instance is now available ingame! Beat Jack Frost in either normal or difficult mode as Midwinter returns to Camelot!

    DAoC Website:...
  8. DAoC News: Knight Podcast - End of Year Round up

    Our Knight Podcast last Sunday took a look back over the past year's changes as well as looked forward to what's coming in 2017.

    Knights Luvly, Maceric, and Cyrric were joined by DAoC Producer...
  9. Re: DAoC 15th Anniversary: Get your 30 day trial before it ends!

    15th Anniversary Celebration Update
    There are just 3 days left of our month-long 15th Anniversary celebration!

    That means 3 days left to return and get 30 free days! Be sure to check out all of...
  10. Re: DAoC 15th Anniversary: Get your 30 day trial before it ends!

    Sorry the link didn't work on the OP

    Here the link that works
  11. DAoC 15th Anniversary: Get your 30 day trial before it ends!

  12. Dark Age of Camelot: Game Time Codes can once again be purchased on

    Update: Game Time Codes can once again be purchased on
  13. Re: [DAoC Events] Cathal Valley RvR Event Sunday 18th September!

    Reminder that this is on tomorrow!

    If you haven't made a toon yet make sure you do it today. You can get to level 45 bg in a day and if you are not sure of subbing try the 14 day trial or if u are...
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    Live DAoC RvR

    Live DAoC RvR with Smeger
  15. [DAoC] Producer's Letter: 15th Anniversary Celebration

    Producer's Letter: 15th Anniversary Celebration
    Posted by John Thornhill | 2016 Sep 14 14:03 -0400 GMT

    Fifteen Years! Dark Age of Camelot has been a wonderful home, escape, playground, refuge,...
  16. Re: [DAoC Events] Cathal Valley RvR Event Sunday 18th September!

    Just a reminder that this event is coming up this sunday.

    If you want to re-sub for this event you got time to level 49 or you can go on a 14 day trial and still join in. This event may happen...
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    Re: 8v8 hosted by DAoC Knight Deamonic

    Game still going strong with one server now Ywain 1-10. Plenty of activty going on september with a lot of events happening on all 3 realms such as Cathal Valley event on Sunday for level 45-49s,...
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    8v8 hosted by DAoC Knight Deamonic

    DAoC Knight Deamonic is hosting a draft night for anyone interested in some group v group action this Thursday night at 8PM EST!

    Groups are randomised based on those who signup!

    Get your name...
  19. [Ywain DAoC Events] Albion, Hibernia, Midgard Otherworlds 1-10 Thursday 22nd sept

    Hi all,

    Great news!!!! I'll be running a 3 realm Otherworlds Campaign 1-10 on Thursday 22nd September. Details are below on times on when I'll be running it for each realm.

    Hibernia (BG leader...
  20. [DAoC Ywain] Watch otherworlds Campaign 1-10!

    Dark Age of Camelot shows you the adventures of Otherworlds Campaign chapter 1-10. This was taken a few months ago and if anyone thinking of returning or new to the game this would be good to watch...
  21. [DAoC Events] Cathal Valley RvR Event Sunday 18th September!

    Cathal Valley Battleground 3 realm RvR Event Sunday 18th September at US prime-time starting at 12am UK / 7pm EST / 6PM CST / 4PM PST

    Bring out your level 49 toons to one of the best...
  22. DAoC Events: Hibernia Darkness Falls Raid Friday 26th August!

    Hibernia: Darkness Falls Raid on Solicfear

    Starting at 8pm CET / 7pm UK / 2pm EST / 1pm CST / 11am PST

    Come and join if u need some blood seals!
  23. DAoC Events: Hibernia Darkness Falls Raid Live on twitch today!

    Hi all

    Join us Live on twitchtv running through Darkness Falls and adventuring these scary and exciting Epic bosses High Lords and Legion. Raid starts at 8PM UK / 3PM EST

    To find out more visit...
  24. DAoC Events: Hibernia Summoners Hall Raid Live on Twitchtv today!

    Hi all,

    Grounded for Life Alliance in Hibernia will be adventuring down in Summoners Hall. This raid starts at 7pm uk / 2pm EST Come and join us on twitchtv to see what exciting and darkest epic...
  25. [DAoC Ywain] Come and join Otherworlds Campaign on twithtv Wednesday 17th August!

    If you are interested in watching Otherworlds Campaign 1-10 on all 3 realms tomorrow please tune into Twitchtv channel=gflplaysdaoc

    If you want to...
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