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  1. DAoC NEWS: Dark Knights of Camelot on Community Spotlight

    Community Spotlight

    One of the best things about DAoC is our amazing community, the best MMO community in our opinion! This section of our newsletter aims to highlight guilds and individuals in...
  2. DAoC News: A Dragon's Curse Campaign Chapter 2

    A Dragon's Curse Campaign: Chapter 2
    Posted by John Thornhill | 2017 May 02 11:42 -0400 GMT

    Chapter 2
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    Dark Age of Camelot Newsletter
  4. DAoC News: Come back to Camelot Campaign (30 day free trial)

    We are pleased to announce the latest Come Back to Camelot campaign details, including 30 FREE days!

    With the Dragon's Curse campaign, Ghost Keep event, ruined keep changes, traveling merchants,...
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    Friday Grab Bag - 04/21/2017

    Friday Grab Bag - 04/21/2017
    Posted by Community | 2017 Apr 21 14:47 -0400 GMT
    Friday Grab Bag fun time is upon us. Take a min and enjoy this week's questions!

    Don't forget you can send in your...
  6. Dark Age of Camelot Events Facebook Group!

    Hi all,

    Dark Age of Camelot Events Facebook Group has been continuing to grow and have over 1200 members that have joined us. This Facebook Group is designed for all 3 realms to share their events...
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    DAoC NEWS: Game Time Codes Available

    Game Time Codes Available on the link below if you prefer this method of paying.

    - 1 Month Time Card: 8.99
    - 3 Months Time Card: 25.17
    - 6 Months Time Card: 46.14

    Click on link for more...
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    Friday Grab Bag - 04/07/2017

    Friday Grab Bag - 04/07/2017
    Posted by Community | 2017 Apr 07 14:16 -0400 GMT
    It's Friday, and hopefully the weather is looking up for the weekend's activities..yay.

    Thanks as always to...
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    Useful links for Dark Age of Camelot

    Here some useful links if you are looking to subscribe or already playing.

    DAoC Herald:

    DAoC Facebook:

    DAoC Events...
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    DAoC NEWS: Friday Grab Bag - 03/24/2017

    Friday Grab Bag - 03/24/2017
    Posted by Community | 2017 Mar 24 14:53 -0400 GMT
    TGIF...and time for another Grab Bag!

    Thanks to everyone who sent in questions, keep 'em coming! You can send in...
  11. DAoC NEWS: Free trial for New and returning players

    Dark Age of Camelot New and Returning players free trial join today!

    14 days for New players

    7 days for Returning players

    Click on link to find out more! ...
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    DAOC NEWS: Sign up to Newsletter today!

    Sign up for our newsletter!
    Our DAoC Newsletter will be returning to inboxes soon, if you haven't signed up yet, click the link below to enter your email address.
    Sign up so you don't miss out!
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    Re: DAoC NEWS: Grab Bag Returns

    Friday Grab Bag - 02/24/17

    The Grab Bag doth return!

    Below we have 5 questions collected from the community by our Knights to get us started. If you want to send in your questions for a future...
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    DAoC NEWS: Grab Bag Returns

    Friday Grab Bag - 03/10/2017

    Thanks to everyone who sent in questions, keep 'em coming! You can send in your questions through our Grab Bag submission form.

    Will we see additional PVE...
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    DAoC NEWS: St. Patrick's Day Event

    St. Patrick's Day Event 🍀🍀🍀🍀

    In celebration of St. Patrick's Day and running from now until Monday, March 20th, our second annual 'Leprechaun Treasure' quest is now live!

    We hear the real...
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    DAoC NEW CAMOPAIGN: A Dragon's Curse

    Our new PvE campaign, A Dragon's Curse, started yesterday with the prologue! A calendar of chapter release dates is below.
    Clud, Keshiram, and Ingolf await!
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    DAoC News: Twelve Days of Midwinter

    Twelve Days of Midwinter!

    The 21st of December is here which means that Midwinter is truly upon us. Celebrate the holiday spirit with our Twelve Days of Midwinter give-a-way event!

    Login to the...
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    DAoC News: Midwinter Returns to Camelot

    The Frozen Caverns instance is now available ingame! Beat Jack Frost in either normal or difficult mode as Midwinter returns to Camelot!

    DAoC Website:...
  19. DAoC News: Knight Podcast - End of Year Round up

    Our Knight Podcast last Sunday took a look back over the past year's changes as well as looked forward to what's coming in 2017.

    Knights Luvly, Maceric, and Cyrric were joined by DAoC Producer...
  20. Re: DAoC 15th Anniversary: Get your 30 day trial before it ends!

    15th Anniversary Celebration Update
    There are just 3 days left of our month-long 15th Anniversary celebration!

    That means 3 days left to return and get 30 free days! Be sure to check out all of...
  21. Re: DAoC 15th Anniversary: Get your 30 day trial before it ends!

    Sorry the link didn't work on the OP

    Here the link that works
  22. DAoC 15th Anniversary: Get your 30 day trial before it ends!

  23. Dark Age of Camelot: Game Time Codes can once again be purchased on

    Update: Game Time Codes can once again be purchased on
  24. Re: [DAoC Events] Cathal Valley RvR Event Sunday 18th September!

    Reminder that this is on tomorrow!

    If you haven't made a toon yet make sure you do it today. You can get to level 45 bg in a day and if you are not sure of subbing try the 14 day trial or if u are...
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    Live DAoC RvR

    Live DAoC RvR with Smeger
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