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  1. Re: Camelot Unchained - Mark Jacobs makes another Camelot Game

    This is exciting. I hope this works out well.

    Edit- Also hey again. I haven't posted in a long time, I love that everyones still here :)
  2. Thread: 53 today

    by Exano

    Re: 53 today

    Is he? That would be unfortunate. Colthee was one of the main posters I remember. He had his own dang Catacombs meme! Though a lot of familiar names are here still, which is great.
  3. Re: Dark Age of Camelot Website Redesign and T-Shirts

    My first news post in a while! I saw this happend today and was like :O. Part of me is curious why they're spending more money on this franchise, gives me hope for a possible future of Dark Age :D I...
  4. Dark Age of Camelot Website Redesign and T-Shirts

    For some news we haven't heard in a while! The main DAoC Website has been completely overhauled today.

    As well as the website overhaul, they're going to be offering Dark Age of Camelot T-shirts...
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    New Minecraft Server. Shadowbane meets Legos.

    Hey guys, I havent been around for a while, but recently me and my roommate have put together a nice Minecraft server together for our company.

    We basically made it with the intent of recreating...
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    Re: I built a subway in Minecraft...

    Well yeah, I was kind of loopy when I made this thing.

    It is a subway on our multiplayer server, its just a proof of concept on this server.

    Wanna know why I have more no life? I just got it...
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    I built a subway in Minecraft...

    What do you guys think?

    I've already got a bigger feeder belt, that holds 5 carts, and changed the stone switch for the booster in the front to a push...
  8. Steel Battalion: Line of Contact. You MUST play with me.

    Hey guys, anyone here have Steel Battalion Line of Contact? Or just an Xbox and Steel Battalion?

    We need to get together on Xlink Kai and play a few games, Nostalgias been kicking mya ss hard I...
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    Re: I just confronted a potential employer...

    I hunger for more...

    Now that i'm radioactive and have new super powers, i'm confused as to my new diet. Any restrictions?

    Edit- What I meant to say Garal was now does this mean if another...
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    Re: I just confronted a potential employer...

    Yeah, I know Garal. Now i'm curious, if I get a background check did I work for these people for like a day?

    Anyways, I never got called back even though the spineless bastard said he'd call me...
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    I just confronted a potential employer...

    I'm thinking I did the right thing.

    Recently I lost my job (Not recently, more like, a long ass time ago) and i've been searching ever since. Anyways, I got a job interview at company X and I had...
  12. ... Look what I found on the internet... its sad..

    So my roomate showed me if you type in "Does it feel good" into google and let it auto populate, it results in some really funny things. The most searched for thing with "does it feel good" in it is...
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    Re: Warhammer Online Over Charging Players

    I am fighting with Bank of America AND EA, and have been for the past couple days now.

    They charged my cancelled warhammer account $650. I'm really _REALLY_ pissed, this is the last EA game I ever...
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    Am I weird for doing this..?

    A good while ago I broke up with this girl after a relationship that lasted ehhh long. Maybe about 9-10 months. Anyways, she was not the best girl, and had some wicked issues. SO long story short...
  15. Thread: DAOC Uthgard

    by Exano

    DAOC Uthgard

    Its a server that is epic and awesome. I Don't really want to go into detail as to what it is exactly, suffice to say it is not sponsered by mythic.

    Why is it good, you might ask? Well, first off,...
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    Fingers crossed. Can I get some admin rights if...

    Fingers crossed. Can I get some admin rights if possible?
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