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  1. Re: Day Z Standalone early access on Steam!

    It's pretty much just a prettier version of the DayZ mod right now with less guns and no vehicles.

    They added a lot of big buildings but there isn't any loot in them.

    It's ok, I never really...
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    Re: ESO beta

    I enjoyed it during the stress test and I was gearing up for basically playing this whole weekend, but only played Friday night and for a few hours on Saturday then I got bored.
    Initially, it seems...
  3. Re: Blizzard closing auction houses in March 2014

    Holy crap, I never thought they'd pull it out and admit it undermined the gameplay.

    I was probably going to buy the expansion anyways because I know Blizzard makes quality games, but this makes...
  4. Re: TESO Beta Stress Test September 6th

    I didn't block much cause I'm bad and I played ranged (sorcerer), so I can't say much...
    I think it was fairly twitchy, like when I right clicked my dude would put up his staff to parry without a...
  5. Re: TESO Beta Stress Test September 6th

    That was a really fun 3 hours of gameplay, this game looks very nice.
    There weren't any collect 10 rat penis quests so that is a good sign, hopefully they didn't fall back to that in the rest of...
  6. Re: TESO Beta Stress Test September 6th
  7. TESO Beta Stress Test September 6th

    Got a beta key invite to TESO for Friday!

    Time to be frustrated by not being able to log in? :)
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    Re: Tablets

    I've had a nexus 7 for about a year. I think tablets are overblown, it's just another tool to have.
    Don't buy one to replace your computer, just buy it for a few useful activities.

    The problem...
  9. Thread: Jobs

    by NAH Grahm Cracker


    Lately, my job as a programmer has grinded to a halt. My boss doesn't care to keep me busy, and he hasn't cared for the past few years.
    I don't know if he just doesn't respect me enough to trust me...
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    Re: TESO Mechanics

    I listened to the whole thing.

    It sounds like a generic MMO.
  11. Re: Elder Scrolls MMO opens beta sign ups

    I only got above average rating, wonder what I didn't do.

    Whatever, I haven't been interested for an MMO in years, learned quickly after so many disappointed.
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    Re: Dark Age of Camelot Box Contents

    Awesome, thanks! Definitely going to buy one now, it looks better than I expected.
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    Re: Dark Age of Camelot Box Contents

    Yea, I can find it pretty cheap for a new box on amazon, but I was just wondering if the map in the gold edition is something worth $10.
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    Dark Age of Camelot Box Contents

    I was thinking about buying a box of the original Dark Age of Camelot because I've lost my original one and I want the poster for nostalgia. This poster:...
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    Re: Dark Souls

    I wanted to buy it for a long time, but I don't have a controller, so it was kind of steep to spend 80 bucks on the game (I heard the mouse/keyboard controls are so terrible).

    Then the steam sales...
  16. Re: 2012's What'd you get for Christmas thread

    Game of Thrones season 1
    The Office season 7 and 8
    30 Rock season 4 and 5
    House season 7
    A jacket
    A blanket
    A couple movies
    And this tie:...
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    Re: Google Sexual Image Search Censorship

    So you reinforce my point that you and Google are deciding its right to make this choice on behalf of other users. You decided it's totally wrong for any kid to see porn ever and that's how everyone...
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    Re: Google Sexual Image Search Censorship

    This right here is the problem, in my eyes. Not the content of your message, but the idea you are spreading.
    You (or Google) is making some choice on what other people should or shouldn't see, when...
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    Re: Google Sexual Image Search Censorship

    Stupid change, about on par with every choice every tech company has made in the last year or two.

    Google, especially. First they do Google+, and now they force people to use it (to review stuff...
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    Re: THQ Humble Bundle

    I'll say that CoH was probably a better competitive game than either of the DoWs. I found the greatest issue was that I wasn't always sure what was happening, which is probably a symptom of the...
  21. Re: Interesting article about a "new phase" of human evolution

    We have like 5 posts per day on this board, I don't think anything is really gonna hurt it.
  22. Re: Interesting article about a "new phase" of human evolution

    I didn't want to read the whole article - seems that it just kept saying the same thing over and over...

    'explosion population growth = more variance in DNA'.

    This seems obvious to me, and I...
  23. Re: Who's the Uber Gun Fags of the board?

    I'm not a gun nut, so I can't help you, but if you don't mind my curiosity, why do you want a rifle?

    You didn't mention it in your post. Hunting is the only reason I would buy a rifle, is that it?
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    Re: THQ Humble Bundle

    I couldn't get into CoH like I got into DoW1, and DoW2 was a letdown, but I still liked it more than CoH. Maybe it's because I like the Warhammer 40k universe so much.

    Still, CoH a great game.
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    Re: I orderd a mcdouble and a large fry

    Then I guess you didn't perceive the actual purpose of me mentioning 5 star restaurants, it's the internet so my sarcasm didn't go through so well.
    I was striking back at Zoobi for being terribly...
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