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    Need Help!
    I'm trying to proceed in the Portugal storyline. I'm on chapter 22 in the carribean
    (Santo Domingo) I was just leaving the port on my way to intercept Balazar and
    Duke Alba's fleet outside Santo Domingo. They are both right outside port...but
    I'm supposed to join in the battle with Balazar...but I can not communicate with him
    or Duke Alba. It has been 2 weeks now and I keep going back to Carribean and they
    are still there with ! above their heads... to no avail. I tried going on Netmarble help
    and they told me to take a "screen shot"...i don't know how to do this...Please advise

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    Is this that pirate game?

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    Must be.

    Moved to the UWO area.
    Nowadays when people start to get killed by fireballs, no one says they need to dodge the fireball anymore; they say they need to go get a fire resist ring and some ice damage so they don't have to.

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