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    Default First Place In Skyrim? (May contain spoilers)

    Where are you going first? Do you have a set town or area you want to visit or will you just wander around, doing miscellaneous things until you decided to do the main story?

    I plan to go to The Rift and in there, the town of Riften. I want to do the Thieves Guild first. Which Could end up being my first several days of playing, as quests are never ending. I also don't want to ride a horse most of the time. I like to go by foot, seeing the land, picking alchemy ingredients and killing the aggressive wildlife.

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    Default Re: First Place In Skyrim? (May contain spoilers)

    Windhelm, join up with the Dark Brotherhood, take over the guild, and check out the dynamic quest stuff as guild leader. Then maybe Thieves, or companions. Wherever I wander after that.
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    Default Re: First Place In Skyrim? (May contain spoilers)


    Going to carefully pick somewhere with a pleasant setting. North by the ocean or at least near a river, as flat as possible. I'll look at Dunebarrow and that island town first. Try and get several levels without traveling, to pick up all my combat moves and make light armor weigh nothing. Then play the game as a raider leaving my home town to go attack things and come back stronger/richer to organize my stuffs.

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    Default Re: First Place In Skyrim? (May contain spoilers)

    Windheim like Marou because the Dark Brotherhood is awesome.

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    Default Re: First Place In Skyrim? (May contain spoilers)

    Winterhold baby. I know nothing about the lore of the game, but if Skyrim is like every other fantasy game that's ever been made there will be some sort of cold weather mountain magic school/guild.

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    Default Re: First Place In Skyrim? (May contain spoilers)

    I'll just run around looking for something and see where it goes from there. I think the exploration is the best part of games like this.
    In Oblivion, I spent hours just going though the jail/sewers and going to that first little Ayleid dungeon outside of the sewers. I never even noticed the city until I found my way back out.
    It was one of the best times I spent in a game.

    Can someone tell me when it is supposed to be available in stores? Like, if I go to Best Buy on Thursday night will it be available, or is it not until Friday night?

    I prefer to buy the box for big games like this instead of buying it on Steam.

    EDIT: looks like the best buy closes at 9 here... I'll probably just have to call them to figure it out, not sure what other stores would even have it.
    I'll probably just pick it up on Friday night.

    EDIT2: OMG, everything around here closes at 9...I could go to Walmart but I just don't want to.
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    Default Re: First Place In Skyrim? (May contain spoilers)

    Looking at the web the street date is being broken in AUS.. Not sure if on purpose or not (from the Devs) Steam still has it locked though.

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    Default Re: First Place In Skyrim? (May contain spoilers)

    Best place for midnight releases = walmart. At least by me they are good about having someone work in electronics with copies of the new games being released under the register. Also, sometimes the newer employees don't recognize the importance of releasing it on release day and they put it on the shelves a day or two early. I got WoW 2 days early from Wal-Mart when it first released.

    Oh and obviously going to Dragon Bridge first :P

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    Default Re: First Place In Skyrim? (May contain spoilers)

    Probably just going to wander around randomly. Plan on making a Monk/Werewolf character and joining the dark brotherhood at one point or another

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    Default Re: First Place In Skyrim? (May contain spoilers)

    I decided to preorder this just for the lulz. Other than playing Morrowind for a brief while, I don't know anything about the Elder Scrolls games. Didn't sit outside in the cold like some mega nerd - I'll just have it mailed to me within the next week, lol. I don't know what any of this joining brotherhoods business is and will probably make a bunch of fail choices, lol.
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    Default Re: First Place In Skyrim? (May contain spoilers)

    I went to Gamestop and they didn't have any copies of Skyrim for PC (except for preorders).

    Gamestop is officially on my shit-list.

    Best buy had it though!

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