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    Default Game of Thrones MMO and RPG on the way

    USA Today has up an article about a few Game of Thrones based games. One will be a single player RPG for both console and PC being developed by Cyanide Studios (most known for Blood Bowl). Another will be a free to play MMO for PC being developed by BigPoint (most known for Battlestar Galactica Online). And last but not least, there will be a Facebook game that will be Farmville meets Westeros.
    Martin is involved in all the games, the author says, "I am not an expert in this field. I trust in (the developers') expertise."

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    Default Re: Game of Thrones MMO and RPG on the way

    oh fuck no... the setting is all about politics and what not I do not look forward to being sent out to kill 5 wildlings.

    "Blue Moon is for fags" - DJive

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    Default Re: Game of Thrones MMO and RPG on the way

    I guarantee this gets canned before it ever sees the light of day. The studio developing the MMO has its pedigree in browser-based games. This will not turn out a AAA-quality title deserving of the books.

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