Saga of Lucimia is an upcoming MMO that is currently in alpha, with the beta planned for 2017, and allegedly scheduled for release in December 2017. This is another MMO that is pushing back against the all solo games that have come up lately. According to the official web site there are no solo quests at all and no quest hubs. There will be forced grouping.

This game is another claimant to the "old school" label and brings back such things as the need to carry a torch or light when out at night and what appears (from the alpha footage I can find) to be a slow paced auto-combat system. There are no character classes, it uses a skill based system, which means we'll see if they can avoid the system devolving into templates that end up being de facto character classes that are mandatory in order to be competitive.

The game appears to be based on European art styles and features several types of humans, something like elves, and sentient stone golems. As the game has no Asian design elements there will be no pedo-bait race, thankfully. From what I have read only the basic human race will be available at first, the game will be releasing content in successive volumes that expand the world and races.

There will be solo and group crafting and harvesting, both player built and rental housing, and no PvP. That's right, this is a PvE only MMO.