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    Default MMO News Roundup

    Everquest Landmark, the sandbox world that is all that remains of EQ Next, is closing down. This was announced on the Landmark blog here:


    In other news, Turbine has passed off the management of LOTRO and DDO to indie company Standing Stone Games, read about it at the Escapist.

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    Hmmmmm... so I can play DDO now. Good to know.
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    Quote Originally Posted by VKhaun View Post
    Hmmmmm... so I can play DDO now. Good to know.
    I hope they keep the whole "pay a sub fee and it plays like a pay to play game, no f2p crap restrictions". DDO is one of the few MMO's I always end up going back and playing a few months, Largely because it's so much fun to create D&D 3.5 characters.
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