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No, it's not. He's a corrupt thief and a con-man, and he's got you fooled. I'm surprised how popular worship of the orange god is here. It's as if you can't figure out that he's doing everything shady politicians do as it is, and knocking it up a notch and funneling tax payer money directly into his pockets. But since all politicians are dirty, this is okay. Great logic. Basically, you only have a problem with politicians you didn't vote for. What's okay and what isn't depends on what side of the aisle they're on, not what they are actually doing. Embarrassing.
I'm so jaded, congress could declare world war 3 and I'd think, welp gas prices are going up. Then again, I live about 400 miles from the nearest 'Major City' and they sure as hell won't be drafting soldiers when the next major(or real) war is going to be won by Cyber, Drones, and Destroying Infrastructure.

If a leader is supported by Republicans or Democrats, you can be sure to get more of the same.