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    Default Biggest American human trafficking bust in history

    And no one is fucking talking about it.


    Also a homeland security video came out yesterday about human trafficking that subtley points to pizzagate. "the signs are everywhere" as he walks past a pizza sign "sometimes you just have to take a second look" as he turns around and looks at a gate. I'm predicting pizzagate is going to blow up over the news within the next 3 months.

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    Default Re: Biggest American human trafficking bust in history

    Holy shit 474 just in the state of California. I know recently they had a big bust in Canada and relatively speaking a big bust in Norway as well. Ive always heard through various channels that this stuff is more widespread than you'd think, including from some fbi officers (giving lectures at my wifes work) and other law enforcement.

    It was pretty interesting that they used a pizza place in that DHS video. Some of the youtube videos about pizza gate definitely make you scratch your head.
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