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    Origin 600i announcement. $375 w/LTI. Lots of different Origin-related LTI packs.

    TBH I'm not really sure what I'm looking at. It's reasonably well armed but it's default loadout is energy weapons while it's covered in tons of undersized engines being run off an undersized power plant supplying two undersized shields. It's squishier than a cutlass black and carries less cargo, while being a huge, round computer mouse shaped target. It's also a 5-person ship that only seats three, and has automated turrets?

    What is the market here? One asshole playing safe PvE content while four people goof off and play Star Trek?

    Here are the ship pages (since once again they only link to the shop pages, IDK why they do that...) but for now the stats are identical except the explorer has 36 cargo rather than 16 for the touring (Cutlass Black = 33 in a ship of less than half this size).
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    Nowadays when people start to get killed by fireballs, no one says they need to dodge the fireball anymore; they say they need to go get a fire resist ring and some ice damage so they don't have to.

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