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    This shit about bullet proof glass in philly is blowing my mind. I thought it couldn't possibly be this retarded, but the media is watering it down if anything. Any establishment that serves food but doesn't have thirty seats must remove the bullet proof glass by 2021. The wording really bothers me, too. They are specifically and intentionally targetting small businesses and going around affecting fast food places, presumably because they know that would never fly.

    Edit-- It does say regulations "for the USE or removal of..." so it hasn't actually happened yet, it's referring to future regulations which would take effect by 2021. Still, it's clear what the intent is here. You don't make a bill that says "maybe take every small business' bullet proof glass" if you don't intend to take bullet proof glass from small businesses.

    (g) Customer access. By no later than January 1, 2021, the Department of
    Licenses and Inspections shall promulgate regulations to provide for the use or removal
    of any physical barrier that requires the persons serving the food in any establishment
    required to obtain a Large Establishment license, as provided in subsection (4)(a)(.1),
    either to open a window or other aperture or to pass the food through a window or other
    aperture, in order to hand the food to a customer inside the establishment.

    (4) The license fee for the issuance of a single license for food establishments
    selling food is as follows:
    (a) For food establishments with permanent location where the primary
    business is the [service of prepared] regular and customary preparation and sale of food
    for consumption on or off the premises, including but not limited to, eating and drinking
    establishments and caterers, [$330.] as set forth in subsections (.1) and (.2), below. Such
    establishments shall obtain one of the following specific licenses:
    (.1) Large Establishment license. For establishments with thirty
    or more seats
    regularly available for and accessible to customers to consume food on the
    premises -- $415.
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    Nowadays when people start to get killed by fireballs, no one says they need to dodge the fireball anymore; they say they need to go get a fire resist ring and some ice damage so they don't have to.

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