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    Eh... I'm not an expert on her lore but most of what I've seen of her outside Teen Titans shows her as orange, and not like white girl with a weird tan orange but carrot fucking orange. And she's supposed to have a lot of definition and look strong (but still beautiful as an important part of her theme), and usually has big red lips right?

    That image on the far right is pretty scary.

    But I'll stay open minded and give her a chance.
    I'd like to live in a world where shit like that doesn't make me mad, but I can't. They've made it impossible for me to ignore race. They insert it into everything. They re-write history. They change characters that I love. They say I should feel guilty. Fuck all that noise.

    Speaking of subversion, anyone watch Jessica Jones season 2? Jesus it was so over the top... Every other line was about feminism.
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