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    Default Fake News Thread

    We've always known MSM is full of shit, but lately I've seen some really crystal clear examples fly by. There was OZX messaging me on STEAM saying the Pizzagate thing that turned out to be nothing according to MSM, resulted in a ton of arrests but I don't know if that was true. Then there was Trump saving jobs and the media claiming there were no jobs going away, when the companies had already announced new facilities elsewhere. Then there was the one where during the last presidential campaign several media outlets reported him as being under investigation at the order of the Obama administration over ties to Russia, and those Outlets now saying he was never surveiled and there was no reason to think he was... I just keep reading the news sites and feeling this weird backwards Deja Vu.

    Now I see this shit:

    Weren't there a bunch of articles from MSM sites claiming that whole leak was outdated and useless? Then they were horrible again? Then they were useless again?

    I need to start keeping track of these things because I can't decide if I'm remembering incorrectly or just biased. This thread is for bookmarking articles that are bullshit, along with either proof, direct contradiction from the same outlet, or prediction of proof/contradiction.
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