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Thread: American Gods

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    Wow... one of the few books I've actually read. I don't even remember how I got ahold of it. My father always had a long list of stuff he wanted me to read, and then there was school. Somehow I ended up with this book instead and it was awesome. TBH I don't remember most of it now. I remember parts about Czernobog. I know who the main God is that they're following. Unfortunately I remember the punchline of the whole thing as well... but it's a really good twist.

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    It's a great book. I really liked the actors they have picked for the show. I'm stoked for this show. Also, I heard that they are making a series/movie on the book "Good Omens", which is also by Neil Gaiman (and Terry Pratchet).
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    I hope they do it right. I've been disappointed by so many adaptations lately. Gaiman being exec producer gives me some hope.

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