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    For weeks, I haven't been able to get good info on macros. Everyone in-game and in guides/discussions seems to assume you're using wait commands to try and use multiple on-GCD abilities with a single keypress. What I have been doing is adding multiple off-GCD abilities to one on-GCD skill so I don't have to press them separately.

    Tonight a guy posted this:

    I understood the queuing issue but it seemed like "mashing" the button would immediately cause the action to start as soon as it could.

    At first I took the third example to mean they simply were not "Mashing" the button fast enough but I went and tested on the dummy outside the house and it seems the game actually needs to take some time per available ability to check each line of the macro, creating a teeny, tiny delay that can be seen by watching the little clock hand of the GCD swing around while spamming these macros. If I make a macro that just duplicates the on-GCD skill (/macroicon "skill" and /ac "skill") it works perfectly with mashing and I do not see the issue in the pic. Adding one off-GCD it still works perfectly. Adding two it starts to hiccup at the skill change. As I add more and more it slows down more and more, even though it still works as expected and only does 2:1, it still slows down more proportionate to the number of abilitites off-cooldown that it has to check. Once everything has been done and is on cooldown, it starts working at full speed again.

    This doesn't translate to losing tons of actions and time over a fight like they say, because once everything is on cooldown you're only doing one off-GCD at a time as they come off cooldown. For Bard it's nice having a ton of crap on the Heavy Shot key because by the time I get to Heavy Shot everything is up anyway and all Heavy Shot needs to do is refresh all the off-GCD buffs and instas as they comes back or proc, and if I just want to be lazy I can be lazy with the same setup. For something like a Dragoon opening rotation though... probably wrecking my DPS in the first 20sec.

    Here's the trick though... if I compensate by taking half the off-GCD stuff off the macros and queing them manually...

    (This works, but might only work because of skill speed on my Paladin. May not work in PotD... I hit the on-GCD macro, then the real buff key to queue it, then start spamming the macro for the next on-GCD. Gets you 2:1 without slowing down the on-GCD skills and still saves a ton of buttons.)

    ...I create MORE DELAY later, because the buffs come back off cooldown in pairs more often, so I'm constantly having to do 2:1 later in the fight. If I eat the delay and lose a few actions worth early in the fight, the whole rest of the fight is flawless because they're coming back staggered and I can let the macro do 1:1 the whole time.

    So overall it's not as good as I thought, but it's still very useful.
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