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    Default Drugs and Legailzation

    Alright Cats, I'm not sure if we ever did this thread-- if we did I don't remember it.

    Where do you guys stand on Drug legalization? How do you feel about Marijuana legalization? What do you think about the War on Drugs?

    What research or articles do you have that support your personal beliefs?
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    Default Re: Drugs and Legailzation

    Legalize everything across the board.

    Trying to control what people use by telling them what not to use is a bottomless pit. You can't keep up with new shit, rebranded shit or people just flat lying about what shit is in their shit, or people selling IT and SH separately for customers to make SHIT themselves. Synthetic weed. Bath salts. Alcohol with caffeine...

    You have to use incentives. We need a few labels, no more than two or three (so old people and stupid people don't get confused by fake ones) applied and maintained with integrity, that people can trust. Slap the medical one on over the counter medicines that have undergone clinical trials of some minimal rigor. Slap the food one on foods that are "organic" and make sure that term is harshly enforced.

    Inclusive with integrity, rather than exclusive with ineptitude.

    Impose an off-label tax.

    Do not tax on-label goods.

    Must be 18 or over to buy off-label.
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    Default Re: Drugs and Legailzation

    No Research or Articles, none needed.

    All unprocessed 'drugs', such as Marijuana, Coca Leaves, and Poppy Seeds should be legal to grow, own, and consume at your leisure.

    The processing of these drugs (less so Mary J but for consistency... maybe) should be regulated heavily and possibly deemed illegal. Creating Cocaine, Crack, Heroin, and other opioids.

    Tax the sale of it, and use that tax to fund education, mental health, and law enforcement.

    Growers require a permit and records of all sales/distribution to save in a log if called upon to have a trail for investigative purposes.

    And on the flip side, Pharmaceutical companies have to make all research, positive and negative, readily available to their customers who are interested in learning the potential effects of the artificial drugs and compounds they are selling.

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    Default Re: Drugs and Legailzation

    I want them all illegal. You can go to jail for using and look how many fuktards abuse that shit now? The idea that the problems created by recreational drugs will just go away if it's legal is fucking retarded. Yeah because nobody dies from drinking and driving because alcohol is legal. People should have the fucking fortitude to not use the shit. Booh fucking hoo I can't handle life without some kind of drug. The drug trade comes down to the same thing as the South Africa discussion. Stupid fuckers shouldn't be catered to they should be done away with in one fashion or another.
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    Default Re: Drugs and Legailzation

    I think pot should be treated like alcohol. Psychedelics should be legal (LSD, shrooms, DMT, etc.). Psychedelics aren't addictive and if anyone offs themself on a "bad trip", it's natural selection. There are no psychedelic junkies.

    Our population is too retarded to go further than this, and the societal costs would end up being too high.
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