Bioware unveiled their new project at E3 recently, a cooperative multiplayer sci-fi shooter called Anthem. It's a departure for the story based rpg developer because Anthem appears to be a "looter shooter" and on the basis of the trailer is being compared to Destiny and the Division.

The premise of the game seems to involve going outside the walled and defended city into a hostile alien wilderness to complete missions while wearing armoured exo-suits. Combat appears to be a mix of gun play and Iron Man suit play with characters using guns as well as painting a group of targets with markers and firing a cluster of missiles from a suit weapon that seek out the members of the marked group.

A lot of the concerns I read in a few articles revolve around the fact that (A) Bioware doesn't make real shooter games and (B) Bioware is known for role play heavy games not shoot and loot games.

The game genre is listed as Online Multiplayer Open World Shooter, release date is tentatively fall 2018 for the PC, PS4, and Xbox One.