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    Default Berserk (Spoilers?)

    This is so Zavon's random thread isn't taken over.

    I finished what is out of the Berserk manga.

    GO READ IT! Seriously, even if you only pick it up after the new anime (which leaves you with about 90 chapters to read), you need to do it. Shit is about to happen, Casca is getting her mind back and the last three chapters are inside her head.

    I also want to say that the OVA's and even Marou says the 1997 anime doesn't portray the eclipse right. Watching it was rough but reading it was horrific. Miura did an amazing job at showing you how much Griffith hates Guts. How much he really didn't care about Casca and the lengths he was willing to go to, to make Guts suffer. Griffith didn't do those things just because he had no humanity left, because at that point he still had some, there were still two sacrifices alive. I think the scene from the wagon where Casca goes to change his bandages was foreshadowing. He had heard and seen the change of relationship between Guts and Casca and it made him angry.

    Griffith has a vision right before the eclipse too, that was taken out of the anime/OVA's. He see's himself as an invalid, with Casca taking care of him and a toddler running around who Casca calls Guts. At this point you don't realize this and it is only made apparent in the manga, Casca is pregnant. In the new anime, the weird fetus thing with the one eye, is the aborted baby of Guts and Casca, which you see being miscarried in the manga.

    While I enjoyed the new seasons, I feel like minor details that change how you see people and what is happening are left out. Guts does something to Casca around the middle of the first season and in the manga, you get to see inside his head. See why he does it and what is going on with him. I feel like that is important, because it shows Guts slowly losing his mind.
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