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    Default Translate some whigger for me..........

    I thought Zavon might especially know something about this one having been a cop. What's a "Royal" in ebonics speak? Like when some whigger wannabe gets 30 years in prison and his friends say stuff like "Yo prayers out for my nigga yo, 30 years in dah pen for a laid back royal, shit ain't right!". I Googled it and apparently its a multi-racial gang that doesn't really operate as a gang. Anybody know anything about these people?
    "Nah man, a Paladin has to play fair and by the rules. Do you really see Silly not attacking a weakened opponent? Or rather, not exploiting a weakness to take an enemy down? He'd totally do that. It's the law of the jungle with Silly, even if he does have faith. I think he's principled, just not merciful." - Zavon

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    Default Re: Translate some whigger for me..........

    I have never heard that expression in my life... The blacks in N.O. are very different from the blacks in other areas though-- especially the lingo. They are somehow more violent, more incoherent, and even more confusing.

    Case in point:

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    "Doubt is not an agreeable condition, but certainty is an absurd one." ~ Voltaire

    "I do think that most atheists are fat out of shape faggots that would be ok with other men shagging their women. The few that can actually get a woman. General failures at life in every regard. " Zavon

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