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    Default Space Sim Expectations

    At this point in time it is no secret that I am a huge fan of No Man's Sky, a game into which I have sunk over 400 hours and counting. However, as much as I love the game and what it does, it's hard not to realize that its most lasting impact may not be in advancing the subgenre of space simulators, but as a cautionary tale in public relations.

    -Make America Nazi Free!

    -Agent of Satan, but my duties are largely ceremonial.

    -"Personally, I play a warlock to set people on fire as they run in fear while I steal their souls. As an added perk, I play an undead warlock so I can eat their brains afterwards. I suppose a better question is, why do people play anything else?" (Unknown WoW forum poster)

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    Default Re: Space Sim Expectations

    Game is fun enough as an Exploration/Minecraft type of game (especially after the couple of quite large patches they've added with building content).

    But it is terrible as a space simulation.

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