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    Card Hunter: I've know about this game for a few years but started playing with Marou a few days ago and why did I wait so long? It is kinda fantastic. Has anyone else given it a try?

    Book of Demons: Reminds me a bit of Darkest Dungeon. It is an arpg but instead of it being based around gear, it is cards. There are three classes (one is coming out soon) and they have their own unique cards. Each card has levels and upgrades. You can find multiples of the same card that does different side effects. It is not open world, it is a dungeon you are descending and your character can only stay on the path inside the dungeon. I thought it was strange at first but it works out very well. It is currently in early access but worth it, it has quite a bit of content already. It also has an interesting feature where when you go into the dungeon, you can how choose how long you want your play time to be and it creates the levels based on that.

    Wolcen: Lords of Mayhem: Another early access game and it is an arpg and very much in alpha. Yet, it is fucking gorgeous, the combat has some wonky moments but over all feels great. It is a bit of Path of Exile with the character ability tree but much more compact and better done. I very much like that you don't make a class and you just learn the skills you want to use. The part of the world that is out now, which doesn't seem like much from the size of the map is huge and very open. The people making this game have also stated that they plan on updating it twice a month and seem to be sticking to it.

    It seems like late summer and fall is going to be a good time for games. Divinity: Original Sin 2 is coming out in September and I don't regret at all my early access game purchases.
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    Default Re: New Games

    I'll log into Discord later or tomorrow. If you guys are around I will give Card Hunter a shot with you.

    Book of Demons has been on my wish list for years I think, at least a year. IDK why I never got it. I saw you playing earlier and was going to ask for a review.

    I got Wolcen early on but it struck me as another flat ARPG. It felt like Titan Quest. Pretty and some interesting systems, but dead and boring to play. :/

    I had been playing Fortnite, but it's a bit of a cash grab. Once you get past the flurry of loot at the start there is little or no opportunity to get new permanent schematics to craft new items without paying money. I spent $25 to buy some ranged weapon RNG packs (in addition to my founders pack) and got some neat stuff, but after buying RNG loot packs it feels futile to play for small rewards. Like eating desert before dinner.
    The game also badly needs several basic QoL improvements like increased item stacking, managing inventory outside of missions and sending materials to the stash. It's really fun though and I'm happy with a lot of the design choices. I wouldn't mind spending $10/month from now on, thinking of it like a subscription type game. Like how DDO worked after it went F2P.

    Conan Exiles keeps calling me back. I don't know why. I either ragequit over durability loss, get demoralized after being raided or I have game breaking bugs that I can't get clear of so I stop playing. Then the next week I want to play again. I'll definitely binge on it again when the free expansion launches. Hopefully it's more stable for me then.

    I just bought Rainbow Six Siege. I have been feeling like a PvP shooter again. Have been seeing Rainbow Six Siege at the top of the steam charts for a long time. They had a version of the game that gives full access for just 14.99 so WTF. Installing that now while I take a nap. See how it goes. Haven't played PvP shooters for years and years. OMG not even since I got my current job so at least six, maybe seven years? I'm going to embarrass myself. (EDIT-- Player Unknown Battlegrounds doesn't count, it plays like ass and is full of little delays. It's fun but it's not the same as like a Counter-Strike or CoD or whatever.)

    Pre-ordered Absolver since it's on sale.

    Waiting patiently for Agony.

    While working last weekend I was planning on buying into Dauntless but they're just asking too much and offering too little. It seems to have very little content and even the highest tier founder pack that you need to play now, comes with nothing permanent except an emote where you hold a banner... ? I decided not to and I was able to get Rainbow Six Siege, pre-order Absolver and drop $25 on the cash shop for Fortnite and I've still got $15 left to get some Chinese food tonight. ^^
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    Default Re: New Games

    I'm having fun with Card Hunter, but I'm quite looking forward to two games I backed much earlier that should both be released this year.

    Star Control, and Battletech.

    Star Control is the spiritual rebirth of one of my absolutely favorite games (Star Control 2). It's a strange hybrid of space exploration, RPG, galaxy spanning space opera, and arcade style combat.

    Battletech is Harebrains take on one of my favorite sorely neglected franchises. I loved the Battletech board game back in the day, I played Battletech at Virtual World all the time (and that damn Mars racing game), and I played the hell out of the Mechwarrior games up until Mercenaries (they all sucked after that).


    With Card Hunter you're gonna want to set aside an hour to do the tutorials, they are required to unlock multiplayer and co-op.
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    Default Re: New Games

    Book of Demons has been on my wish list for years I think, at least a year. IDK why I never got it. I saw you playing earlier and was going to ask for a review.
    I recommend it to anyone who likes arpg's. I see myself putting a lot of hours in it but not very quickly. To me it is something you play a level or two of, then stop and so far, the levels only take 30 to 45 minutes at most (if you choose to make it a long play session).

    got Wolcen early on but it struck me as another flat ARPG. It felt like Titan Quest. Pretty and some interesting systems, but dead and boring to play. :/
    Wolcen doesn't seem to bring anything ground breaking to the genre but so far, what it does have, is very good. The magic combat is some of the better looking and feeling that i've seen in a long time. I have almost 200 hours into Grim Dawn but never payed attention to the story or any of the lore. These types of games for me are just about killing tons of shit and getting epic loot. I don't get what you mean by dead either, I find that some areas have too many guys and the few bosses I fought were crazy hard.

    I'm interested in Dark and Light and Citadel: Forged With Fire but both look too alpha-ish for a multiplayer game right now. Absolver looks intriguing but I'd rather wait to see the reviews when it comes out.
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