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    Card Hunter: I've know about this game for a few years but started playing with Marou a few days ago and why did I wait so long? It is kinda fantastic. Has anyone else given it a try?

    Book of Demons: Reminds me a bit of Darkest Dungeon. It is an arpg but instead of it being based around gear, it is cards. There are three classes (one is coming out soon) and they have their own unique cards. Each card has levels and upgrades. You can find multiples of the same card that does different side effects. It is not open world, it is a dungeon you are descending and your character can only stay on the path inside the dungeon. I thought it was strange at first but it works out very well. It is currently in early access but worth it, it has quite a bit of content already. It also has an interesting feature where when you go into the dungeon, you can how choose how long you want your play time to be and it creates the levels based on that.

    Wolcen: Lords of Mayhem: Another early access game and it is an arpg and very much in alpha. Yet, it is fucking gorgeous, the combat has some wonky moments but over all feels great. It is a bit of Path of Exile with the character ability tree but much more compact and better done. I very much like that you don't make a class and you just learn the skills you want to use. The part of the world that is out now, which doesn't seem like much from the size of the map is huge and very open. The people making this game have also stated that they plan on updating it twice a month and seem to be sticking to it.

    It seems like late summer and fall is going to be a good time for games. Divinity: Original Sin 2 is coming out in September and I don't regret at all my early access game purchases.
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