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    Default The Continuing Drama of the Goolag manifesto

    I haven't read it, can someone give me a TL;DR version?

    Also, this:

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    Default Re: The Continuing Drama of the Goolag manifesto

    Quote Originally Posted by Zavon View Post
    I haven't read it, can someone give me a TL;DR version?

    Also, this:

    This was the first I heard of it. I read a few articles about it, even some written by self proclaimed lefties and the gist of the manifesto was esswntially what any intelligent person would say: that gender and racial diversity for sake of diversity shouldnt be a factor and that corps should be focusing more on diversity of ideologies/thought. Also that women are less likely to become engineers due to different genetic wiring and decisions they make instead of gender discrimination. So the author was basically being politically incorrect. And of course a bunch of gender fluid fairies want this person found and fired.

    Your soccer article pretty much hit the nail on the head lol.
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    Default Re: The Continuing Drama of the Goolag manifesto

    Written by the guy who was fired:

    Written by the guy who fired him:

    I would say the key points are these...

    1) Damore's memo became public.
    Maybe not Damore's fault, but that's irrelevant. Holding strong views in the public eye and being associated with a company automatically puts you on the chopping block if those views don't agree with the way the company wants to be perceived. This has nothing to do with being right or wrong, or even ethics. It's purely about a public relations and perception.

    We've talked about this many times and from many angles in regards to privacy and it's a can of worms, but that's how it goes. If you use your real name to argue something controversial at the same scale your company name is known at, you are liable to get canned. Internally arguing politics and "politically incorrect" topics at work is a bear trap and he should have fucking known that. It sucks the world is like that, but we all know the world is like that. As far as I'm concerned no one owes him anything for blowing out his eardrums yelling into an echo chamber.

    2) Pichai / Google is completely full of shit.
    Despite what I said in #1, Pichai does not state that as his reason for firing him. He states point blank "To suggest a group of our colleagues have traits that make them less biologically suited to that work is offensive and not OK."

    First, since any biological difference could potentially be applied to work later in a discussion, it's therefore a potentially fireable offense to talk about any differences between any people along any lines for any reason. This literally institutes the left's positions on discrimination as dogma.

    Second, he then goes on to list what is OK to talk about despite originally (originally in the post, and originally in his relationship with the company including Damore) having set up an environment where he tells people they can feel safe to talk about anything. Since "OK" is apparently defined by the assumption that the liberal position is correct, he is in effect baiting the outspoken members of the company to express their views and then firing them if they're not liberal.

    Third, while it's hard to say if it was originally intended that way or not, it is more than reasonable to expect a man as smart as Pichai understood all this when he wrote his blog post. The only way he could post that publicly -literally admitting he wanted people to talk about everything and then fired a guy for talking about something not "OK"- is if he knew he'd have support from other liberals against conservatives internally and externally. This event should be viewed and rememebred as a clear indicator that google as a whole is an overtly left-leaning entity.
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