I'm sure I've mentioned it before but my wifes aunt lived in Africa for several years. Her husband worked in the oil field there. She said "there is something different about those people, they just looking for violence". She said there was always something happening in Africa, some kind of gory incident where some Africans up and killed some people or mutilated them for some stupid reason. One specific example she gave was when some Africans stormed a local hospital and killed a bunch of leprocy patients with machetes.

I dunno man. I'm beginning to think that race just can't be reasoned with and that there will never be a balance in society. I think it's eugenics. I've been watching some videos on healthy eating and one that keeps popping up is how we should all be on the paleo died because we have thousands of years of adaptation to the hunter gatherer lifestyle and agriculture of wheat/bread is a more recent invention and is not well suited of us. Supposedly we are genetically evolved to the point that our bodies need to eat like we did 10k years ago or more in order to truly be healthy.

How is it nearly everything about modern man is supposedly an issue of DNA from men desiring young girls because they are more fertile to what we eat being connected to our caveman days yet a race couldn't evolve to be more violent or less suited for modern civilization?

I dunno, I'm just finding it harder and harder to make devils advocate arguments that black is a culture and not a genetic predisposition for violent and uncivilized behavior.