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    I never noticed level do much. Only time luv ever factors for me is with ohk handcannons but there are a bunch of blue handcannons with stupid impact stats. Gets on my nerves when my verse3 doesn’t ohk vex in the heroic strike tho.

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    The names of the people in this game... is almost everyone 12? I've been surrounded by shart, canoodle boy, lilsnipe, Xx-anything-xX and more atrocious crap. I like doing the story campaign more than the other stuff and I think i'm almost done with it.
    In this world is the destiny of mankind controlled by some transcendental entity or law? Is it like the hand of god hovering from above? Perhaps men have no control even over their own will.

    You're right, we are mortal and fragile. But even if we are tortured or wounded, we'll fight to survive. You should feel the pain we feel and understand. I am the messenger that will deliver you to that pain and understanding.

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