Ok, so far, since this thing started a shitstorm of people have been accused of sexual harrassment.

Off the top of my head:
Ben Affleck
Kevin Spacey
Jeremy Piven
Danny Masterson
Brett Ratner

Probably a whole lot more.

I just read a few minutes ago that Kevin Spacey had: House of Cards canceled by Netflix. Dropped by his publicist. Dropped by his agent. So basically, his career has gone down the toilet. He at least partially admitted that he may in fact have made a pass at a minor, but that it was 30 years ago and he had a problem with drinking.

But on the otherhand, it seems now that all it takes is an accusation to ruin someone. Have we gone past the point of justice, and moved into witch hunting? How do you guys feel about these actresses and actors waiting 30 fucking years to accuse people? Thoughts on the situation?