Starcraft is going to be F2P starting Nov. 14. You get the first campagin of the game completely for free. If you already own it, you get the second one for free.


New expansion next month, with a single player "dungeon run mode" that is F2P. They've managed to insert a little magic of D&D into the card game.


New character, Moira that is a healer. Also, a Theme park map of blizzcon (looks really gay).

WoW :

-- Classic Vanilla Server at some point soon

-- New Expansion: The battle for Azeroth

The Expac is focused on the two sides fighting each other. 6 new subraces that you can unlock via the main campaign.

A revamped leveling experience with a lot of level scaling. For instance, you can spend levels 60-80 in EITHER Outland or Northrend, up to you how you want to level. The horde completely takes over Kalimdor, the Alliance gets the eastern kingdoms. Talidrassil (the night elf area) is burned down to the ground. Lorderon (the undead area) is retaken by the alliance.

Get a free 110 character. Warfronts are a thing, some kind of 20 vs 20 play battleground that focuses on assisting your army to win an objective.