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    Instant regret.

    I heard they'd changed the formula around entirely so I gave it a go, but it's really bad. Max players seems to be only 18? 9v9? Really?
    My favorite weapon, the Kar98 is a top tier weapon under sniper rifles, must level the sniper class to get it, not even sure if you can use it without a scope. The pump shotgun doesn't one hit kill within bayonet range (bayonets being instant teleport one hit kills), making it a truly pointless non-weapon selection. All the weapons I looked at require you to use a shitty base version to unlock stats, like the 1911 with shit base accuracy requiring you to level it up by getting kills with it to get the accuracy perk so you can actually hit anything beyond bayonet range.

    Zombies mode is super dumb and stats-based, where after a while I'll shoot a zombie with both barrels of a shotgun and two mags of pistol and get no kill. Stupid super loud (relative to other sounds) buzzing sound in my ears the ENTIRE FUCKING TIME trying to play zombies mode, not even sure WTF that is but IDC I'm not going back.

    Already had a hacker on the Normandy beach storm map that just sat on an MG and raped our whole squad repeatedly. Kill cam shows him knowing where we spawn and pre-firing where we're coming out, on top of all the other players using MG's and sniping at us.

    STEAM says I have 2.0 hrs on record, and there is absolutely nothing left that I want to do in this game.

    Worst $60 I've spent on gaming since... the last time I bought a CoD game... ?

    Oh and don't let the steam reviews fool you. They said very positive at the time, now says "mixed" but when I tried to give it a bad review it said I had zero minutes played, because apparently you can't review it unless you download the singleplayer campaign and play that for at least 5min. I am not doing that. I imagine there are more negative reviews being suppressed by this.
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    Default Re: CoD WW2

    Me and my work buddies are enjoying it on console.

    It is a breath of fresh air after 4-5 games with wall running and double jumping jet-pack bullshit.

    But other than that most of what you described is standard fare CoD. I don't recall how large CoD lobbies might have been in the past but 6v6/9v9 seem somewhat standard. They might've had 12v12 in some versions? But that would be the biggest. Most of these 'E-Sport' shooters seem to be downsizing team sizes for some reason.

    I actually love the zombies mode (as it is my favorite aspect of the CoD series since introduced), the buzzing is the 'quick zombies' that look like anorexic zombies. There are also a lot of 'random' scripted 'gotcha' scare moments so that it is more 'horror' oriented. In reality it just becomes annoying/loud, as all they do is throw some **screech** noise/music at you and a zombie instantly spawns in front of you.

    Basically would not recommend unless you want a mindless shooter that has -some- competitive value to play with friends as you slowly get drunker or stoned.

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