Apparently I had some for almost a week. Started the day after my wife had a kidney stone procedure. (and some other stuff went down) Ended up in the ER twice because I thought I was having a freaking heart attack. Ended up going to a regular clinic and the (not a doctor but the nurses that pose as doctors) seemed to think I had some acid reflux and was having anxiety attacks. She gave me a prescription anti-acid thingy and an off brand Zoloft? It was low dose, like 25 mg once per day. These attack things would hit me at night and it would feel like I couldn't breath. Anyways I've been on them 5 days, 6 days counting the half pill that I took at lunch. (usually took in the morning). I'm thinking of taking the other half tomorrow and then getting off of them. Anyone been on anything like this and can say yea or naye to my plan? I don't really feel like myself on this stuff and I'd rather not get my system too flooded with it and try to get off of it later down the road if I'm more dependent.

Any advice is greatly appreciated.