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Dude, I never said she was an idiot. I said I felt like it was misleading because being in shape and able to do her videos is different than building strength/muscle. Which is where I think our opinions differ because we've both read conflicting sides of the argument.

I wont deny I'm being a bit snippity when I said frou-frou with 5 pound dumbbells. Cause to me it is and it is to a lot of people that I can tell. Maybe I'm wrong, maybe you are and maybe its all fucking genetics and it takes some people heavy damn weights pushing their limits, while it takes others the weight of full grocery bag.

I find it disappointing that many of the videos geared at women are these, instead of what I was looking for. Maybe it is simply most women do not want to get into the type of body/strength I want.

You seem to think I am aiming my rant at HER and her body, while I was aiming it at the video. Like I said, I've done shit like that before. So I'll say, from MY opinion, having done both workouts like that and currently doing weight lifting, I not only prefer weight lifting, I feel it works my body better.
Yeah if you got something you love doing then that's awesome. You just asked what you were missing about those kinds of workouts, and it is a common misconception that you must lift heavy. Those workouts with light weights geared toward women work very well, and will build up your muscles damn near exactly as well as a more traditional weight lift routine. They absolutely build up mass and strength, as per the study.