Very impressed so far. A surprisingly good port from Square, when their recent releases have been bashed for that and the game looks and plays phenomenally.

One of the biggest critiques from the PS4 version is that the story tells you little and doesn't make a whole lot of sense if you don't watch Kingsglaive first. I did that about a month ago when I found out and am glad that I watched it. People either seem to love or hate it, I enjoyed it very much though.

Granted, they have patched the crap out of the game, so they may have added some missing content that made the story more easy to follow but I do recommend watching the movie.

Also, it doesn't feel like an Final Fantasy game so far. It is almost this weird combination of Fallout and typical Square. A little over two hours in and all I have done is run around exploring, the story isn't shoved in your face, on rails type of thing.