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    Default H1Z1 and the stupidity that is gaming developers.

    That pretty much sums it up. Luckily I didn't buy it before it went f2p. Jeebus how do you fuck this up? The overall theme of the game is fun, it's an acquired taste and something I wouldn't play alot but how the fuck do you give shit like an AK47 and a .223 rifle range out to like 2 fucking kilometers? It's about whatever asshole see's the other one first in the first place and you can see people from 2 fucking miles away. And then actually pray and spray them down with something like an AR/AK. That right there makes it too fucking dumb to tolerate long term. Eventually it'll become a waste of space on your hard drive and just get uninstalled because of that kind of retarded shit.

    Anyone played this one for any length of time and enjoyed it? I'm consistently being one of the last 30 people standing or so but only because I've only had like 5 fire fights in several matches. So most of the match is just me running around in the woods trying to avoid the gas. 0.o Which might not be that bad if I wasn't getting shot in the back by someone that was 2 miles away and taking cover behind their damn police car.

    /EDIT Tried it again a couple of times. Made it down to 13 people. Was hiding out in a cabin behind the refrigerator. All the doors were closed. I see some little cock sucker come up to the door his guns sticking through, stood there for a second strafing around. Then disappears, comes barreling through the other door blasting his shotgun off right where I was at as he's coming through. Little fuktard must have been able to see through the wall where he was standing. Mother fuck I'm tired of online games being nothing but cheats/exploiting/glitch competitions.
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