What people have we discussed, or not discussed, and what do you think of them in general?

Opinion on Shapiro?
First just because he came up in the other thread. I liked him during the election where he did not like Trump, but hated Hillary and seemed to genuinely try to enforce the truth on himself. He's very much anti-left, but that's okay because the left is... leftist...

Bill Maher?
He's left and I disagree with him a lot, but he's so willing to call his own side on their shit that I like listening to him when I want exposure to the left. After Trump got elected he was unwatchable he was so butthurt about it, but he's started to come back at some point: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=STwSMAeuze8

Jordan B Peterson?
Sort of peripherally aware of this guy. He says some interesting things, but if you look at longer videos of him he's scatter brained, ranty and wild. I like him when he's got some direction though. Once I watched him discussing intelligence vs occupation. He seemed to ground himself (probably consciously) by constantly pinging the discussion off of what he remembered statisticians and other people working on the project contributing to each idea he brought up. And of course he's anti-PC/SJW, so that's fun.

Three is good for a first post. What do you think of these guys? Who would you offer up?