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    Dude, have you noticed this new reverse harem theme all over fantasy and sci fi? I spent a couple of days reading a few of them because I can't help myself. It is like seeing a horrible movie and wondering why you keep watching.

    I've also noticed a disturbing trend among the paranormal genre. The main character is some female who was abused horribly as a kid but has grown into a stronk woman through it all and now is a badass. inevitably she goes into overly graphic detail about this abuse with her lover, who is enraged and yet tender, gently wiping the single tear that fell out of her eye while telling of these past experiences.

    Victim porn is not for me.
    I've yet to see or read a reverse harem. Someone asked Michael Scott-Earle about it in his FB group the other day; that was the first time I'd ever even heard of it. He said he has zero interest in writing such a book, and probably never will.

    TBH I don't even like regular Harem books that much. I've read quite a few Harem books in the LitRPG genre, but I don't seek them out. Harem does nothing for me, either love or hate, it's just a thing that seems to be. I get the appeal of it, because it speaks to the power of the masculine voice that the readers so often appreciate.
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