We've decided to go extreme because we were tired of feeling and looking the way we do. Just exercising and eating around 1500 calories and not consuming crap tons of sugar and carbs wasn't doing much of anything. The past six months we have been constantly tired, getting shit sleep, feeling bloated and just a general all around blah.

Marou stumbled across this diet and at first I wasn't interested at all, considering we've been taught all our life that meat, fat, butter is horrible for you and will lead to early death and other complications. After days of research, that may not be true at all. In fact everything we've been lead to believe might be a load of bullshit. There are no huge studies on this diet yet but if you look into what should be a balanced diet, there are no good studies on those either. There is actually no reliable studies on how we should eat and what we should eat to stay healthy.

We've learned that you don't digest fiber and it just sits in your gut, rotting, until you shit it out. Meat is digested faster and there is very little waste produced by it.

Point is, we started this diet almost 4 days ago. All this diet is, is meat, some dairy and lots of salt(preferably fatty). Beef is the staple, pork coming in second and some people eat chicken but I've read from lots of people that it isn't satisfying. No sugars, no carbs, if it is from the animal kingdom, eat it. Nothing from the plant kingdom. Some people cut out even dairy, some don't. We haven't but have scaled back on how much of it we eat.

There is no calorie counting, you eat when you are hungry, as much as you want. That is it.

It sends you into Ketosis, which for the first week can be rough for some people. The side effects of this diet we have experienced so far:

Excessive energy. I haven't felt this good in years and have been more mentally astute than I can ever recall. I don't wake up feeling groggy and even need less sleep so far. I've been getting around 4 to 5 hours and waking up bursting with energy. If during the day I start to feel a lag, I eat and within 15 minutes feel amazing again.

My mood has undergone almost a 180. I feel happy and haven't had a bout of anxiety, which is shocking because I'm even on my period and I had one angry mood swing and it was gone in 20 seconds. I can't even stay mad, its like a fucking happy pill.

Both Marou and I have been suffering from horrible gas for the past year, while it is not completely gone, I am not in pain from it anymore nor do I have to take anything for it.

My almost constant year around sinus problems, gone.

Its even weird to think about all of this, considering it has only been 4 days but it was like a switch was turned on after the first day.

Now on to the "bad" side effects of Keto, which go away anywhere from 1 week to 1 month:

We fucking SMELL. Like vinegar and something sour and it is gross. Our breath smells and tastes like acetone.

You can either end up constipated or have diarrhea. I haven't pooped since we started but I also don't feel like I need to either.

There are other side effects but we haven't had them yet and may not at all.


I've lost anywhere from 4 to 6 pounds and am unsure of how much because our previous scale was a piece of shit and we got a new one. I do know in 2 days I have dropped almost 3 pounds. I have also lost almost 2 inches off my waist.

My hair has gotten... crazier. Apparently this diet can make your hair thicker and grow faster. I'm not sure if I am fooling myself but it seems to have more volume and less oily.

I feel restless, like I need to get up and do shit. The energy gain is crazy.

I oddly don't really miss other foods so far, its drinks I miss. The amount of salt you have to intake and how your body burns water makes you ridiculously thirsty and I really would like a sweet tea right about now. Still trying to drink coffee, which was foul at first without sugar (you can use heavy creamer and we do) but as our taste buds are slowly starting to change, coffee isn't so bad anymore.

We will keep y'all updated on our progress, if interested.