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    We've got one thread for zombie apocalypse prep, one for a diet change and I wanted to make one for exercising. I'm not doing this to argue with anyone but to put ideas and information out there. For anyone who is either exercising (I think Ozoron said he lifts?) or is thinking about it. Maybe help any of us find things we enjoy or to add into our workouts.

    As I stated before, I've really taken to lifting and fucking hate cardio, though I do some of it for warm ups. I can't profess that this is something I am going to do for ever but I've gotten so into I've done nothing but research on it for days and am getting ahead of myself by reading powerlifting programs, learning how to breath and brace and good form. I have seen a difference on what I am able to do in the past couple of weeks. I couldn't do scissor kicks 2 weeks ago and now I can. I walk more upright and my posture is better, because of trying to learn forms.

    Gains are being made but I am still figuring everything out to routines and recovery. Which is one area I am having problems and ideas would be appreciated. My legs can not take a lot of punishment and I can not push them hard. My upper body I can push to its limits and by the end of the day, have no soreness.

    I know recovery is important but I just don't know where to stop or go with upper body since so far what I am doing, isn't causing the same feeling my legs are getting.

    I want to say I have no intention of competing in lifting competitions. But I do like reading about the different training programs and the science behind what they do. I am thinking of trying to tailor one to a more normal routine.

    Articles I found to be great reads for anyone interested:

    On a final note, I don't want this thread to just be about lifting. If any of ya'll are into calisthenics, then post about it. I want to eventually have a day or two a week where that is what we do. Anything interesting related to getting in shape, throw it in here.
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