So, last night I was trying to be good. I need to lose some weight, and I'd previously purchased a bag of starbursts, which I adamantly wanted to stay away from. As I was sitting there surfin' the ultra fast internet, I came across a video of a shitheel attacking some scrawny teenage kids for wearing a MAGA hat. The violent fantasies in my head began to take over; before long I realized I had a bunch of empty starbursts wrappers surrounding me.

I decided to push the video out of my mind, because quite frankly I don't need that dark shit in my life. Lo and behold, a few hours later after having put my kids to bed, I went over to /pol/ to see what the tards at 4chan were up to. They'd found the fucker, almost instantly.

They'd gotten him fired. They'd sent tips to the police, and the mother that posted the video. They were trying to get the guy's mom fired because, "she'd raised a piece of shit". This douchebags entire life is now under scrutiny.

It felt really fucking good to see that. I am anxiously awaiting his arrest.