Okay, so there is an MMA fighter named Khalil Roundtree Jr. Khalil, several years ago was a very fat nerdy guy (he's still nerdy). He'd gotten tired of being made fun of, and decided to start training MMA in a gym.

After several years, he got in shape, went amateur and finally pro. He even did a stint on the reality tv show the ultimate fighter, but it wasn't all that great. He lost the second fight, then came back to replace someone that had a medical problem, and lost at the finale.

So, when the UFC decided to put him in a fight against Gökhan Saki, who if you don't know is one of the greatest kickboxers to ever live; everyone thought he was being fed to the wolves as a warm up fight. Gokhan, had a LOT of fucking hype behind him because of his skill.

This is the result: