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    Thumbs up No Man's Sky 7/2018

    Highlights of update:

    Terrain building/destruction. Nice to link cave systems with eachother/the surface.

    Basic fortenite-like base building. Sentinels go full Skyrim guard amnesia mode when you go inside so that's nice.

    Teleportation. Such powerful QoL it probably, literally, breaks the game. No-hassle star gates. Made of common materials. Ship magically goes where ever you TP. No fuel, no risk.

    Own freighters. Huge ships you can TP goods to whenever you want so you don't lose your junk, and you can send them out on missions to bring back stuff.

    There's true join-their-game multiplayer. Haven't actually tried it myself, not sure how it plays.

    3rd Person View if you want it.

    Character customization, including swapping to the other races in the game but you don't get their language. You still only speak English (or whatever it is your character speaks that no one else does.)
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    Nowadays when people start to get killed by fireballs, no one says they need to dodge the fireball anymore; they say they need to go get a fire resist ring and some ice damage so they don't have to.

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