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    So long story short I've run out of patience with several members of my family. Like body slammed one of them about 3 times until he was bleeding out of his eye socket, and cursed another one out. I've got too many of those "it's different when my kids do it" type moms, those "it's always somebody else's fault or responsibilty" types, etc. High school diploma/GED wielding dumbasses that think they're overloaded with common sense. The "my kids don't play video games or watch TV because that makes them bad" as she picks them up at alternative school types.

    Anyways, through some shit it's gotten to the point where one of the family members refuses to be in my prescense. I'm at that point where I refuse to make nice at any expense to myself. I've always been seen as the sibling/child/cousin whatever that is supposed to be expendable because I've apparently lived this charmed life when the truth is I've just had enough sense to not do stupid shit and every bit of chaos and turmoil I've had to deal with has been because of the shit other people keep getting in to.

    I guess I'm just ranting, BUT have any of you had falling outside with family? How did you deal with it, how firmly did you stand your ground? How much or long should you be willing to compromise before you say enough is enough?
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