I been lazy as shit the past few months, on account of getting sick (again) and dealing with the holidays. I'm amping up to finally try to finish the book I started on Royal Road so that I can publish it on Kindle Unlimited. I'm hoping to have it done and up by March. There is a very good chance our MIA boy Dumah might do the audiobook on audbile. He's a damn fine voice actor.

Anyways, other than that I been playing Pathfinder Kingmaker (still have't finished it lol) and Pillars II. Also, been reading a shit ton. Kindle Unlimited really is worth it if you are prolific reader. I recently started reading an "Alt Right" apoc book if you guys are interested. The one star reviews were fucking hilarious-- people got mad that the author had Obama destroy the country. I've also come across as super enjoyable series on KU that you guys might like as well called "The Good Guys". Book 1 is One More Last Time by Eric Ugland. It's fucking hysterical.

What have you shits been doing?