Did anyone get this? The initial reviews were horrendous but I had heard early patches went well and I was bored so I tried it.

Ships are a neat addition to the survival genre because your ship is automatically your territory to build on. You don't need to find some perfect spot to set up, you just operate out of your ship. They can do noob island non-PvP safe zones (with a low max level so people can't just live there) thanks to this as well. No one can build or place anything but a campfire in the whole noobie area so to store stuff or whatever else, you're naturally driven towards a raft or sloop so you can put down boxes, crafting stations and a bed there on the deck of your ship.

At first I didn't get how to move the ships around and I was worried it was overly complicated. I first used a raft that had no rudder (or I didn't know how to use it?) and basically seemed to be at the mercy of the wind direction. Once I got my sloop and clicked the steering wheel though everything made sense. I aligned the sails with the wind direction and used the rudder to adjust direction of movement... and it felt awesome... reminded me of the first time I got travel powers on City of Heroes except better. This alone will keep me playing this for a while.

The food is weirdly complicated. Vegetable, Meat, Fruit and Fish are all separate "vitamin" bars, plus you have a hunger state. When you get hungry you can't just eat whatever. If you try to live on fruit you'll get... fruit poisoning?... seriously. You have to keep all four vitamin bars within an acceptable range. Too low and you die, too high and you're poisoned (=you die slowly with your vision fucked up). You can't even over eat, that also kills you. Hasn't been a problem so far. Mostly I have problems with fresh water, not food.

Temperature is a thing but not a big deal in temperate / tropical areas. Temparate will get cold enough at the coldest part of the night to kill you in noobie clothes if you're soaking wet. Tropical will get hot enough to kill you naked at the top of the day, but obviously it's not hard to find water to jump in usually. There are polar areas though where obviously you need some solution to the cold problem.

Combat feels like total ass. I'm definitely going archery->guns because fuck trying to melee with this wonky ass combat system.