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    Default Phoenix Daoc Server

    Hey guys! I used to post around here regularly years and years ago under the name Resken(headwound4humanity) and I recently started playing on the new daoc emulated server called Phoenix (https://playphoenix.online) and it reminded me of these forums and all of you guys! I was curious if anyone here is currently playing on the server? If so add me to friends list! I play on midgard!

    Kell - Healer
    Kel - Runemaster
    Resken - Warrior

    Hope to see some or you there!

    P.S. paingod, nicky or draybook still around? I remember those guys rather fondly!

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    Default Re: Phoenix Daoc Server

    Hey Resken, yeah I remember you. I'm not sure too many folks here play DAOC anymore. None of those people are around anymore. Paingod stopped by a while ago to shit on people for supporting Trump but then he ran off like a bitch. The others I haven't seen in years.
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    Default Re: Phoenix Daoc Server

    Zavon! I remember you! I haven’t played Dark age in 15 years or so but this server has been a lot of fun! That’s a shame about Paingod stopping in just to stir up political conflict! Well if anyone is feeling like giving the old retro daoc another go definitely send me a message!

    Was good to see a familiar name! I hope life’s been treating you well!

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    Default Re: Phoenix Daoc Server

    Hey man, I remember you. How's life treating you?
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