Anyone else get this?

I really like it. Gameplay feels good. Movement feels good. Flight feels good, maybe a little too restricted but I wouldn't want the whole game to turn into flying all the time so I don't mind that it's not spammy. They did a lot of stuff right that WF didn't and it's more gun-focused while still having melee. Lots of lewt. Fun variety between the frame- I mean "javelins".

And the game is BEAUTIFUL. And beautiful in a familiar way with water, handcrafted jungle, guns and mecha suits; not some alt-sci-fi art theme in surreal places that were procedurally generated.

They did something really interesting with the abilities. If you've looked at the game at all you might have seen that there are combo abilities. Some prime enemies for combos, others "detonate" combos for bonus damage. It's better than that though. The classes do different things when they "detonate". If you play the storm javelin -the spell caster-like one- you can use spells in combos by yourself if you want but all it does is spread status effects. If you prime enemies and let the colossus javelin -the tanky one- detonate, he does massive AoE damage. Ranger = single target burst. Interceptor = Weird aura offensive melee-range aura thing for the team.
So basically if I'm storm or interceptor I only prime and hope my team has brains to detonate. Even if they don't bring detonate abilities you can always detonate with melee. If I'm ranger or colossus I detonate whenever I see someone else prime something.